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Development Strategies

The bank focuses on One Theme, Two Positionings and Three Major Strategies, specifies the development direction, strategic themes and key initiatives, in order to guide and accelerate the Bank-wide transformation of our business operations, consolidate and enhance our comprehensive competitiveness and better serve the national strategies.  

Adhering to the One Theme of high-quality development: We ground our efforts in the new development stage, apply the new development philosophy, and serve the construction of a new pattern of development. We will also promote the high-quality development of the economy and society through providing our high-quality financial services, and together pursue our own high-quality development.  

Emphasizing the Two Positionings: We emphasize our two positioning as a leading bank serving rural revitalization and a major bank serving the real economy. We will continue to implement our Sannong and County Area strategy deeply and promote sustainable development of our County Area Banking Business in serving the national rural revitalization strategy, securing leading roles in terms of market share, Fin-Tech and service means, risk control and brand image, to become a leading bank serving rural revitalization. Insisting on serving the real economy as the starting point and foothold of our work, we will accelerate the innovation of service modes and management methods, comprehensively enhance the efficiency and standard of our service, and continuously improve our financial service system for a modern commercial bank with characters of high adaptability, competitiveness and inclusiveness, aiming to promote the high-quality development of the economy and society with our high-quality financial services and acting as a major bank serving the real economy.  

Implementing the Three Major Strategies: We fully implement the three major strategies of Sannong and Inclusive Finance, green finance and digital operation. Firstly, we will fully implement the strategic plan of the CPC Central Committee on rural revitalization. Focusing on the quality service, risk control and business sustainability, we will fully promote the transformations in respect of our service channels, service modes and risk control for the County Area Banking Business. We will strive to develop the business with its own features, competitive edges and advantages by our concentrated attention and efforts, so as to enhance our competitiveness in the County Area market and our capability of commercially sustainable development and well play our role as a national team and a main force in serving Sannong. Secondly, we will earnestly implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee on peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. We will incorporate the green development concept into the whole process of our management based on the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development. We will also improve the working mechanism for green finance and promote diversified innovation of our green financial products, striving to build a distinctive, widely recognized and dominant brand in green finance. Thirdly, we will strive to fully integrate the Bank into the digitalization of China. Aiming to build our new competitive edges in the digital era, we will drive changes in the modes of work, service and governance across the Group through digital transformation. We will promote the construction of our Ten Projects of digital transformation according to the principle of urgent use first in order to accelerate the forming of a new model of smart banking featuring technology guidance, data empowerment and digital operation. 

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